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Dollie's Delectable Carobs® were created to satisfy the chocolate lover who is also health conscious. Is it real candy? Yes. But it does not have caffeine. Carob is not synthetically engineered to replicate chocolate. The Carob bean grows naturally in the Mediterranean without caffeine and contains many vitamins and minerals.

Although there were a few carob products available…they were never quite the same as chocolate. Dollie's Delectable Carobs® is as close to chocolate as you can get, without the caffeine. This speaks not only about it’s taste, texture and consistency, but also in the type of products available. We have real candy bars comparable to Mounds, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Turtles and more. So, when eating Dollie's Delectable Carobs® you can experience the pleasure of eating real candy. You don’t have to settle for covered nuts only.

Additionally, individuals suffering with conditions such as Migraines, Diarrhea or Interstitial Cystitis have reported no problems eating our carob candies.

How it All Began....

This business of candy making grew out of a sheer love for chocolate. I have been a chocoholic all my life. But because I did not want the caffeine jolt on a daily basis, I gave up chocolate in 1981.

For nearly twenty years I had no chocolate at all. In 2000 “I fell off the wagon” so to speak. Although I ate chocolate for nearly a year, I could not recapture the chocolate joy I so fondly remembered.

In 2006 I began experimenting with Carob. My first project was carob covered peanuts. They were quite good. My husband, and friends and family all enjoyed the candies. And each time someone new tried a piece of my carob I would hear, “This is good! ‘Dollie, you could do something with this.”

Now you have to understand I had never been a candy maker. So I began to pray, “Lord if there is something I can make of this please show me what to do” and the Holy Spirit began to give me recipes.

I hope you’ll enjoy Dollie's Delectable Carobs® as much as we enjoy making them for you. As a fifty-plus year old grandmother I have discovered it’s never too late to follow your dreams. 



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