Shipping Rates & Delivery Times

Shipping & Handling

In the past, shipping costs have been based solely on weight of the products shipped. This has kept shipping prices low for our customers, but has not reflected the actual cost of shipping which includes zone differentials and the additional weight and pricing of warm weather insulation materials.

For that reason, we are moving to a new shipping and handling policy. Based on your location you may see an increase in the shipping cost that is calculated. Upon shipment, if you paid $1 or more over the actual shipping cost, it will be refunded to you. As always, we thank you for your patronage and we will continue providing you with the best possible service.



Domestic Orders: See new shipping schedule above. You will receive an email with tracking information.

International Orders: See new shipping schedule above.  If a refund is due for shipping, it will be applied at that time.  We can't guarantee any set time for delivery as we only ship via USPS at this time, but expect it to be another week or so before your package arrives once you receive your shipping email.   Call us if you have any questions.

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